Khatami declares for president, as opposition group releases documents tying him to serial murders


Former president Hojjat-ol elsam Mohammad Khatami, known as a "reformer" in the West, has finally made up his mind after weeks of hesitation, and now says he will challenge Ahmadinejad in the June presidential elections. But Khatami faces opposition from all fronts, including from many of the people who elected him in 1997, who accuse him of quashing the student movement in 1999, and of using a pretense of liberalisation to flush opponents out from hiding so the intelligence services could better identify them and crush them.

Now, the opposition Marze por Gohar party has released an explosive 138 page dossier on the 1998 "serial murders," which for the first time directly ties Khatami to the regime's effort to shut down the Military Court investigation and reveals that the Supreme Leader personally ordered the murder of opposition leaders, journalists, and human rights activists. ¤ As Newsmax reports, the revelations come as the Obama administration has repeated its calls for “negotiations without preconditions” with the Islamic Republic leadership, and amid reports that former Defense Secretary William Perry has been discussing security-related issues with senior Iranian officials on Obama’s behalf.

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Source: Foundation for Democracy in Iran