MPG Statement Regarding Islamic Republic President's Trip to New York

On the 22nd anniversary of the 444 day hostage taking at the US embassy in Iran, the President of the Islamic Republic is travelling to New York. Seven weeks after the tragic and murderous terrorist attacks against the United States, the president of a regime still listed by the US State Department as a major sponsor of international terrorism, steps foot on the soil of the grieving city of New York. As a large uprising against the Islamic Republic's atrocities is sweeping Iranian cities for third week, the smiling Mullah is going to address the United Nations.

The MPG party, on behalf of numerous individuals and organizations opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran and it's notorious abuses of human rights are astonished that the US has not stopped the President of this terrorist regime from visiting the very same city that has been the victim of the largest terrorist attack in the history of civilization. We are appalled by the news that certain members of the US Senate and Congress invited and met with the Islamic Republic's Ambassador to the UN in Washington DC on October 24th, the site of the other atrocious terrorist attack on the US, a visit approved by the State Department.

We strongly urge the US government to review it's current policy of recruiting the current terrorist regime of Iran as an ally in the anti terrorist international campaign.

The US government should remember the role this regime played in numerous terror acts against the United States, particularly in bombing the US Embassy and the Marine barracks in Lebanon led by one of the leaders of the very Islamic faction to which Khatami belongs ( Mohtashamipour).

The US should remember that Khatami's closest allies were the leaders of the Tehran US Embassy hostage taking ( Ayatollah Khoeini-ha, Abdi etc.) and the only woman cabinet member in Khatami's government, Mrs. Ebtekar gained notoriety during her stinging anti US interviews during the hostage taking.

The US government should also take heed of all the anti American propaganda going on in Iran right now, in every government sponsored demonstration and every Friday sermon.

The US should recognize the true nature of this cunning regime behind it's diplomatic half hearted condemnation of the recent terror attacks; just like the evil Bin Ladin and Mullah Omar, the Mullahs of Iran will turn against the US at the opportune moment, with every weapon they possess at that time.

This is the same regime that in order to attain power , did not hesitate to burn over 600 Iranian Muslims in a movie theatre in 1978 and in order to stay in power massacred over 8000 young political prisoners serving time inside Islmaic jails in 1988.

This is the same regime that sanctioned Arab terrorists to murder Americans all over the Middle East and kill Israelis in order to sabotage the peace process.

This is the same regime which continues the evil practice of stoning, amputations, public executions and whippings. This is the same regime that denies basic human rights to women and religious minorities.

We urge all those who espouse democracy and respect human rights to oppose this visit . We urge all members of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, currently victimized by biological terrorist attacks to ask the State Department to stop this visit. We urge the US State Department to reconsider it's decision and deny the right of entry to all representatives of the terrorist regime currently dominating Iran.

Marze Porgohar Party

October 30, 2001