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Marze Por Gohar calling for peace, in solidarity with Women in Iran

International Women’s Day;Iran and the Global Struggle for Women’s Liberation:

2011 is the global centenary year for International Women’s Day and this time, women from around the world united in Radisson Hotel, Los Angeles, celebrating the economic, political, and social achievements of women past, present, and future.

International Women’s day was not just dedicated to the idea of successful achievements of women, but through an Iranian party Marze Por Gohar calling for peace, in solidarity with women in Iran who are marginalized in their country’s peace processes.

MPG started off by screening a documentary about Iranian human rights activists exploitation followed by discussion as how to stop these situation. MPG campaign continued talking on politics, human rights in Iran to create social awareness of the struggles of Iranian women after Islamic revolution. A statistical portrait showing how women are facing inequality in Iran.

Elham Yaghobian, co founder of MPG, speaks about why Iranian regime took part of the UN’s women’s rights panel While women’s circumstance are fixed into worst situation and the various tortures given to them to silence their voice. She continued asking for supporting the Iranian people’s revolt against their oppressors

MPG campaign also appealed to the participants to inform them about any such activity taking place around us or through media in order to help those victims return back to decent life. MPG told everyone to write their name on the freedom gift cards and post them to amnesty international to trap the abusers and bring them to justice.

This opposition party spread out articles, film video and gift carts and asked people to take action for Iranian women who are in jail unjustified.

In the background, video series screened women rights activist who were arrested by security forces and how they were insulted and treated violently. It included the images of Iranian opposition supporters who have held a number of demonstrations and a number of them were killed during clashes with security forces.

Highlights from the Marze Por Gohar:

A history professor has not only caught up with Marze Por gohar attendance but She took Seventy freedom carts ( Free Hengameh Shahidi) to take them to her class and makes human right activists from her students in college.

· A Lebanese candidate of International women’s day who was going to have a speech in UN the day after the conference, talked to Elham Yaghoubian, and decided to bring Iranian women’s activist voice in UN.